Volksstratege is a crisis management and global affairs consultancy. We represent clients who – for reasons of celebrity, prominence in politics, business or sport, or on the basis of their high net worth – face complex challenges requiring extraordinary solutions.

Engaging Volksstratege to problem solve is a crucial arrangement for both individuals and businesses. We are leaders in crafting, asserting and defending the global image of our clients in the media, while using our network with political and industry influencers to ensure that their message reaches their audience at the right time.

We are a boutique agency and select clients with the utmost care. Our relationship with them is exclusive and long-term. This allows us to offer an unprecedented level of focus, attention and detail.

Corporate Communications

Our decades of experience in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Africa help businesses increase their potential in growth markets. We do this by raising their profiles in countries where they are investing, in the region and globally. To do this, we position their businesses and highlight their growth strategies in ways that generate maximum publicity and the highest possible impact.

Political Elections and Campaigns

We help clients create powerful, winning political campaigns in emerging and longstanding democracies. Our support ranges from strategic advice to creating and directing an entire campaign. We can design campaigns from the ground up — or suggest course corrections in those that are under way to achieve maximum resonance. An important skill we can bring to the table is crafting and ensuring the delivery of key campaign messages in social media and advertising.

We provide clients with ongoing advice — and work with their legal departments — to defend their reputations ahead of, during and after disputes. Some of this work deals with disputes between investors and countries where they have invested, particularly politically unstable ones. We also help clients with the communications implications of litigation in their home countries and abroad. Another service we offer is devising media strategies that can open the door to legal settlements. In addition, we provide media support to clients and their legal teams during a trial. Afterward, we help mold public perceptions about judgments a court hands down.

International Disputes and Conflict

A spotless reputation that took decades to create can be destroyed in a few moments of miscommunication during a crisis. The way to prevent this from happening is to prepare. We help clients develop a plan for responding to a crisis. We then confront them with a simulated crisis to see how well they do. These exercises give them the communications experience they need to deal with a crisis.

Crisis Communications

Our staff includes former major-market journalists who can prepare business and political leaders for media interviews. We can also help them write speeches, create and deliver presentations, and handle themselves well in court cases and public hearings. The training sessions are tailored to the client and the situation. They include practice interviews and simulated courtroom or hearing appearances. We ensure that clients can articulate key messages during even the most hostile interview or court or hearing appearance.

Executive Coaching

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